Thursday, June 18, 2015

RC2015/07 Competition Entry

June is halfway gone, and another RetroChallenge event is just around the corner. July is going to be busy for me, including my first ever attendance at KansasFest. That combined with some external things had me wondering if I had time to participate in this round of RetroChallenge, but I do enjoy the events and the cadence they provide for my retrocomputing hobby. So, what to do?

The Struggle Is Real

I often have trouble coming-up with projects for these things. It is important to "size" things properly to fill a month's time without running long enough to elude completion. It should also be interesting for readers (or viewers) at a variety of technical skill levels. Of course, it also needs to be interesting for me as well! Finding the "perfect" project is probably impossible, but it is hard not to try... :-)

Spit It Out!

OK, OK...while I have at least some interest in a number of retrocomputer and retrogaming systems, there is no denying that I'm in love with the CoCo. Recently I even produced the first cartridge-based game release for the CoCo in decades. While Fahrfall cartridges only hold an EPROM, there are other capabilties of the CoCo expansion port that could be exploited for more advanced gaming possibilities.

So, for my RetroChallenge 2015/07 project I will be exploring some hardware possibilities for CoCo cartridges that might be interesting for games in particular. This will include both some existing (i.e. documented) circuits and hopefully some new ones as well.

Want to learn more?  Then you will just have to stay tuned... :-)


  1. Are you going to show off Fahrfall for the IIe at Kansas?

  2. I'll say this much for you Mr. Linville, you know how to build suspense...