Saturday, August 1, 2015

Down and Out

Hmmm...well, the RetroChallenge 2015/07 event ended yesterday and I have made essentially no progress since my previous post. I guess it is time to acknowledge defeat!

That is not to say that I didn't enjoy any good "retro" time this month. Not only did I (along with my pal Neil Blanchard) record and release our third episode (i.e. "episode 2") of The CoCo Crew Podcast, but I also made it to KansasFest, where I gave talks on the CoCo and on Fahrfall. Unfortunately, travel takes a lot out of me and I just never got back into the swing with my RetroChallenge project this month.

I still want to explore some CoCo cartridge port expansions in the future. When I do so, I will likely be documenting that here. Chances are that there will be some other stuff here from time to time as well! I might even be back for another RetroChallenge in the future. So if you want to keep up with any of that, then I hope you will subscribe to the feed and stay tuned!